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 Barcelona itself takes centre stage in Transient, an art installation conceived for the city. It’s an observation of the universe of light that is the city and its communication signals; a landscape of lights that has become an integral part of the city, automatically guiding the movements of the inhabitants; the relationship between the city and those who travel around it, between iconic buildings and new spaces that modify the lived urban experience.

The project renders visible the lighting conventions of each city, the codes of light that define and guide the movements of the city residents, no doubt to make sure that nobody loses their way. However, the installation questions this determinism of habit, and suggests breaking with the automatic flow, taking a moment to pause and to think, to play and to construct a dialogue of non-audible language between chromatic signals and rhythmic impulses. How far could we go if we were to move aimlessly through this same familiar city? Could we play with space and time in a different way?


Isabel Tavoni, José Plata, Pol Colomer, Helena Escudero, Guillermina Gasso, Ferran Larraz, Lucía Vera, Andrea Romeu.


Yuji Lee, Marina Gómez, Andrea Badía, Luis Díaz González, José Andrés Cubillas and Gerard Valls Montaño.

Photos by Fer Gómez

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