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Audiovisual installation commissioned by La Térmica, for LUX Festival, 2023. In celebration of their 10th anniversary as one of the city’s most important cultural institutions, La Térmica invited a group of artists to create light installations for the first edition of LUX Festival, an event centered around the themes of transformation and evolution.

Rebirth is an installation that explores the concept of mutability,  placing a metaphorical embryo in the center of one of the main hallways, seeking to transform the building into an artificial living space in constant change, a breathing being connected to the architecture, communicating through pulsating lights and flowing fluids, symbolizing the state of change La Termica’s currently going through, channeling their history as a space for gestation and creation. A laboratory of sorts.


Andrea Badía, Gerard Valls Montaño, Marina Gómez Corbí, Isabel Tavoni, Luis Díaz González y Yuji Lee.


Arduino, Madmapper, Ableton Live, ArtNET Lasers

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