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Installation / SOUND ART

Loci is a collection of sound objects exploring the theme of sonic memory. Based around field recordings taken around Catalunya and Colombia, these objects become holders of memories belonging only to each listener. Each sound guarded inside, represented by a visual clue in a small screen, can trigger a real or imaginary time and place, completely open for interpretation.

Although some of these sounds might be familar others might be interpreted as unintelligible noises. By itself, each Locus carries an emotional charge that’s different from person to person. As a group, they become a sort of orchestra, an aural composition that creates new places, times and memories. Participants are free to turn each Locus on or off, increase or decrease its voice, or move it around to play with the sonic space.

Loci was presented as part of ‘Memòria i Distorsió’, a collective exhibition of sound installations at the Convent de Sant Agustí. Barcelona, 2023.

Visual Representations
Graphic Score

Poster by Pedro Freitas

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