José Plata

Colombian designer and artist currently based in Barcelona.
He makes virtual worlds, visuals, soundscapes, installations and illustrations.


Installation / Virtual World
With Guillerwillier
Material Specs: Silicon Screen, Polyurethane, Metal Chains, Printed Matter
Tech Specs:  Unreal Engine 5, Reaper, Blender, Zbrush, VR
Multiple reports of a strange foam appearing around coastlines and cities around the world have been filed, its origins are an unsolved mystery. Contact with the strange matter leads to unprecedent and uncertain dreamlike, psychedelic or nightmarish experiences, varies from person to person, it’s short-term effects are unpredictable, it’s long term-effects unknown.


Interactive Installation
With Edifici-B
For HRTZ Festival
Role: Art direction, visual design, Touchdesigner development
Material specs: Dark tulle, wire rope
Tech specs:  Touchdesigner, Kinect, MIDI controllers
Artifici-B is an interactive experience nodding to the ancient traditions of dancing around a central structure: a fire, a pole or a totem. Along with other members of Edifici-B collective and together with the public who came to see the piece, we created a collaborative performance, a ritual where, for a few hours, people gathered, shared stories and danced around a towering structure that both watched, translated and transformed us into its own digital language, a runic, distorted vision constructed by the machine.

Stellar Corona

2022 - Ongoing

© José Plata 2022

b. Bucaramanga, Colombia

José is a Barcelona based designer and new media artist. He works with photography, sound, 3D, and digital fabrication, assembling this source material into fictional universes and narratives. Not limited to a specific medium or discipline, some of his explorations include virtual worlds, visuals, soundscapes, installations, experiences, and all sorts of graphic outputs.

Inspired by the accidental and unexpected nature of modular synthesizers, he approaches software and hardware as borderless, performative instruments. He’s interested in systems design, interfaces, and human interaction as ways to composite and manipulate digitally-generated media with inputs from the physical world, landing in unpredictable, sometimes abstract and sometimes strange territories.