About Me

My name is Jose Plata. I'm a Designer & Developer passionate for all-things-digital and human-computer interaction.

I love working on digital products with a strong focus on UX/UI and user centered design. My main area of expertise revolves around strategic design and research, but I love jumping on the code bandwagon and fiddle with HTML, CSS and Javascript for front-end development or creating little web apps with a Ruby on Rails back-end. I also have a serious relationship with photography and traveling.


The Book Club


"DNAinfo is starting a club/library service for its users. The solution must be innovative, functional and elegant. Define: Features and functionality of the service.

It should be a user centric mobile experience (mobile first approach), independent of whether the solution is a website, a web application or a native mobile app."

Starting with interviews, onsite observations, background research and wireframes, I designed a meetup-style mobile application to help users connect to other readers with same taste in literature and to book spaces in their neihborhood, thus promoting reading, in-person meetings and local neihborhood commerce.


UX/UI Design & Research


Pratt Institute.
UX/UI program